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Corporate Fixed Deposit

Company Fixed Deposit (corporate FD) is a term deposit which is held over fixed period at fixed rates of interest. Company Fixed Deposits are offered by Financial and Non-Banking financial companies (NBFCs). The maturities of various company fixed deposits can range from a few weeks to a few years.
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Key Benefits of Corporate FDs

Higher Returns

Enjoy greater payoffs from Corporate FDs as compared to Bank FDs.


Choose Corporate FDs as per your preference from a variety of tenures such as, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.


Enjoy better liquidity with Corporte FDs with a lower lock-in period than Bank FDs

Lower Risk

Avail the benefit of reduced risks with Corporate FDs which are backed by reputed rating agencies.

User Friendly

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Our Fixed Deposit Calculator

How to Invest

Enter an investment amount to see how much you could earn.

We offer best FD interest rates which help you to grow your savings securely. Our FD calculator lets you calculate how much interest you will earn at the end of the tenure and helps you to make a sound financial decision. BlueskyTf Finance’s term deposit schemes come with one of the best features which is compounding your interest on monthly basis. This unique feature helps you to multiply your savings.

Did you know?

Fixed deposits are one of Nigeria's favorite investment destination and most people approach a bank to open one. But did you know that many corporate also offer the facility to open fixed deposits.

These are called Company Fixed Deposit. Like typical Fixed deposits, the company offers a fixed rate of return for the fixed tenure. The best thing about a company FD is the interest rate. But there are several advantages over Bank FDs.

Flexibility: You choose your interest credit duration.

LOWER RISK: Corporate FDs are backed by reputed rating agencies, thus reducing the risk factor If you are looking for fixed income, you can consider investing in our FD Schemes that are offering high interest rates.

Fixed deposit is the most secured saving option that lets you grow your money with assured returns. These assured return enables you to invest for a better and secured future by offering guaranteed high returns along with safety of principal amount. Deposits are a contract between you and BlueskyTf for the approved rate of interest from the date of investment till maturity.

Higher Returns on Investment

BlueskyTf offers up to 60% rate of interest. With a high interest rate and daily accumulation of returns on deposit, it becomes easy for you to accumulate your savings and plan a financially secured future and our fixed deposits are one of the best investment options for you to grow your savings. Current banks have high costs while BlueskyTf is fully virtual. BlueskyTf also employs the latest technology including artificial intelligence to operate at lower cost and we pass these savings onto customers.

Flexible Tenure

Bluesky’s fixed period deposit scheme offers flexible tenure options starting from 15 days to 360 days. You can choose the duration and the amount based on your needs and financial goals. If you have a big event planned in a year, then you can select the 12-months tenure for financing the event.
Fixed term deposits are the most popular investment option in Nigeria. Individuals and corporate bodies across the country have chosen BlueskyTf as their trusted investment partner for term deposits.


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